About Us

Built to Last!  As the oldest brand and playground manufacturer in the United States, we take great pride in our history of building playground equipment that has stood the test of time.  We continue this tradition with the design and manufacture of robust products at a great value.  Beautifully designed and constantly improved, American Playground (TM) products are a low maintenance hallmark of every playground.  Representing industry standards for quality, durability and enjoyment, American Playground crafts products with safety in mind. Using Aluminum yields great strength with light weight. Unitized construction on Spiral Slides eliminates ill fitting and often dangerous mechanical connections.  Spiral Slides require a minimum of playground space while providing the most exciting fun!  Trough Slide designs have been created for indoor and outdoor applications.  The Trough Slide is a popular option for embankment slides or "hillside" slides, with a higher sidewall than the competitor offers.   Powder Coating is applied to your products to give color and a long lasting, durable finish.  

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