Delivery Information

Slides are big and can become costly when trying to ship.   With only a few exceptions, slides must ship by common carrier (freight truck).  Freight pricing is a complex formula including factors such as: weight, dimensions, your location or your type of location.   To further complicate the shipment, most slides need to be placed on a skid or crate for shipment.   This added weight means it probably wouldn’t be more to ship two or three at the same time as one slide.  Be sure to consolidate all of your purchases for the project into one order.  Freight to a commercial location is usually less expensive.  A location qualifies for commercial pricing is the address of delivery has a freight dock.   All other locations are classified as residential.  While a church, school or retail shop isn’t a residential venue, it is usually classified as such by the freight company.    The delivery address for a shipment must be attended.   Freight carriers charge a surcharge or add on fee for delivery notification, appointment or scheduled delivery is an added fee.   Many times with large or heavy freight, a liftgate is a useful aid to get material from the truck to the ground.   In the case of slides, a liftgate can not be used as they are not deep and wide enough to allow the slide to fit on them.   Unloading your slide is your responsibility and may take one or more persons to do the job.   Please share your project information and we will ensure you have the correct item, and work with you to make sure that you receive the best value and most appropriate solution!